Day 3: Hurt


I was being chased by her, and eventually found myself in the woods. I ran, and ran, and then I tripped on a branch, and still, I got up and ran. 

Here, he took a deep breath, as if waiting, for something. Someone.

She eventually caught up to me, and pinned me to the ground, whispering, “I’ve got you now.”

Now, he looked absolutely terrified. His breathing was getting ragged, as if he had just now, ran like he described.

She smiled down at me, and then, she was stabbing me. In the chest. Repeatedly. It was horrible. There was blood everywhere, and it hurt, so much.

He was sobbing now.

And then, in a split second, she was the one on the ground, and I was the one stabbing her. I realized, in fact, that she hadn’t stabbed me at all. I was the one hurting her.

All this he said, while crying into the palm of his hands.

And I sat there, listening to the man, hurt and in pain. I could do nothing.



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