Day 4: To All Of You


Dear __________,

You look beautiful today. Like every day. 

It makes me happy to see you smile. So please smile often. 

I know things can be hard sometimes, but we’ll get through it together. 

I love you. 

Your bestest friend in the world



x x x


Dear ____________

Thank you for you’re your letter! It really made me smile.

Mom is making cookies, so why don’t you come over?

I love you too!

Your best friend



x x x

Dear ____________

I’m sorry your dad left. I’ll come over tonight, so hang in there, okay? 

We’ll figure this out together.




x x x

Dear ______________

I miss him.

Please don’t leave me. Ever.

I love you.



x x x

Hey, I’ve been calling you for a while now. Pick up!


x x x

Do you love me?


x x x


Yaaa~ Can’t you pick up your phone? Why do even have it then? Anyways, Sarah’s been looking for you, and I think she’s into you. She even gave me a letter that she wanted you to have. Let’s meet up so I can give it to you.


x x x

But I’m into you.





Letters & voicemails to a friend, and replies that you never received



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