So, I’ve Been Thinking…


It’s been two days since I last posted, and I have my reasons.

  1. I was busy moping around due to the lack of excitement in my life.
  2. I was visiting animal shelters which, honestly, are the best things in the world.

Okay, so my holidays haven’t been going as planned. I haven’t done anything that I had in my mind, and I’m pissed off about it. At myself, for being a lazy ass, at my parents, for being not cool with me just walking around the neighborhood, and so on.

Well, anyways, I do plan on starting something today. A sort of routine. I’ll be going out, talking a walk, maybe shop for some art supplies while I’m at it, get a burger, and some fries, of course. And then, I’ll get a coffee or something, even though it’s sweltering hot here. Oh wait, cold coffee exists.

I think writing this down, writing my plans down, help me actually get through with them, so yeah.


I’ll be posting regularly, tomorrow onwards, after I’ve had my fill of lonely walks and greasy burgers and fries.

Until then, ciao.



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