Day 3: Hurt

I was being chased by her, and eventually found myself in the woods. I ran, and ran, and then I tripped on a branch, and still, I got up and ran.  Here, he took a deep breath, as if waiting, for something. Someone. She eventually caught up to me, and pinned me to the ground, whispering, "I've got... Continue Reading →


Day 2: Fear

A road. On the road, a woman. In the woman's hands, a bundle of cloth. In the bundle of cloth, a child. The woman had been walking for ages, barefoot. The child was silent, too tired to cry. Mother and child. Walking on an empty stretch of road. Terrified of what was, and of what... Continue Reading →

Day 1: Lights

The lights above the diner illuminated one side of her face. The wind had picked up slightly as she stared above, wondering, when had things gone so wrong? He stood beside her, watching her as she sat, silent and reminiscent. He had grown onto her, and now, he would follow her everywhere she went. They... Continue Reading →

An Introduction

Hi. My name, is...well, I have no name. That's what my name means anyway. So that's what I'll be then, a girl, with no name. The reason I started this blog was to, simply try something new. Where I live right now, we're just about to enter one of our longest summer holidays. And I... Continue Reading →

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