Day 106 : This Isn’t Working

It's been years since we last talked. I still see you in the hallways, in flashes. One minute you're in front of me, the next, gone. You're still friends with her. She tried to talk to me a few weeks ago, messaged me, and when I asked her why she was doing it, she said... Continue Reading →


So I Realized….

That I've been writing posts for days now, without hitting the 'publish' button. Silly me. I'm running low on sleep, and by extension, much needed energy. I hate to make these posts personal, all I've wanted to write here were stories, and stuff like that, but nope. My head is killing me. The voices are... Continue Reading →

So, I’ve Been Thinking…

Hey. It's been two days since I last posted, and I have my reasons. I was busy moping around due to the lack of excitement in my life. I was visiting animal shelters which, honestly, are the best things in the world. Okay, so my holidays haven't been going as planned. I haven't done anything... Continue Reading →

Day 9: Drowning

So, let's start today's session, shall we? yes. let's. Okay, so today we're going to talk about the things you love, and the things you don't. Tell me, what is it you love the most? well, I like food.  Yes, yes. Everyone does. What I want to know is, what do you love? What makes... Continue Reading →

Day 8: Trapped

Sweet, sweet temptress. You grabbed my attention with your glowing skin, and soft voice. You seemed pure, and innocent. Lovable. You were none of those things. Sweet, sweet liar. You're the reason I've lost my ability to trust. Sweet, sweet killer.  Are you satisfied?

Day 7: Lost

hey. are you ok? you don't look ok. are you, maybe, lost? afraid? no. definitely lost, huh.  well, sucks to be you i guess, but don't worry.  everyone's lost.  i'm lost. that girl over there, she's definitely lost. the boy walking in front of you. well, he's a man now. he's made mistakes, and grown out of... Continue Reading →

Day 6 : Anger

We stand on fresh soil, loose, crumbling beneath our feet. Further below, we hear the soft sounds of the dark lords that reside in the centre of the east. They sigh softly, the action making the ground rumble, before crying silent tears at being left alone for so long. We stand above them, listen to them, and hope that were too,... Continue Reading →

Day 5 : Madness

In the process of trying to preserve her beauty in his paintings, he tore her apart, broke her, and made out of her, an ugly monster. The sight was now ingrained into his brain, her wide eyes as she screamed at him, accusing him of loving a fake version of her, of loving a painting, more than he loved... Continue Reading →

Day 4: To All Of You

Dear __________, You look beautiful today. Like every day.  It makes me happy to see you smile. So please smile often.  I know things can be hard sometimes, but we'll get through it together.  I love you.  Your bestest friend in the world ____________   x x x   Dear ____________ Thank you for you're... Continue Reading →

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